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On Wednesday, 21st of June, the Embassy of India was inviting to celebrate the International Day of Yoga for the third time in Lithuania. Yoga schools were inviting to the open activities from the early morning and in Vilnius, near the White Bridge, a celebration was held to the Vilnius community and city guests.

Yoga from the old times is called the divine science of life, which was the outcome of the meditations of the great wise man. The word „Yoga“ itself means „connection“ in Sanskrit – unification of body, mind and soul.

It is not only physical exercise, Yoga is Indian science of philosophy, including meditation and askesis. With these methods, human body, mind and soul is being strengthened and united, being taught, how to better one‘s health, control one‘s mind and reach peace.

In 2014, introduced by the Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi, United Nations announced 21st of June as an International Day of Yoga. This day of peace, joy and happiness is being celebrated by 192 different countries around the world.

During the celebration, people gathered to perform one of the most popular Yoga poses – tree asana (vikrsasana). Everybody was invited to join the historical moment near the White Bridge and also to perform the pose all around the Lithuania and share it on the Social Media.

Honorary Consul of India to Lithuania Rajinder Kumar Chaudhary in his greeting speech has shared how Indian Prime Minister visited the city of Lahnau. There he said: „Salt is needed for the food to be tasty, and Yoga is salt for the body so that it would be healthy“.

Together with the Ambassador of India to Poland and Lithuania, Honorary Consul suggested to the champion of pentathlon Ms Ieva Serapinaite to become the 5th Yoga Ambassador in Lithuania. „A hand with four fingers is not so strong, a hand needs five fingers. Now we have four Yoga Ambassadors in Lithuania and we invite Ieva to join and become the 5th finger“.

Ieva has joyfully agreed and shared her own experience, that especially during the championships a huge psychological tension is constantly present and meditation is one of the best ways to cope with it.

Minister of Health Mr Aurelijus Veryga was pleased that Vilnius has proven once again to be a multicultural city and Lithuanians are accepting Indian tradition, which is uniting body and soul of a person, let’s stay physically active and also to get to know oneself and calm down. „We, Lithuanians, are so tense and always in a hurry, that makes us not always happy“-said the Minister.

„I am not a huge expert on Yoga, but I know, that there is special kind of Yoga for expecting woman, children, maybe there is a special yoga for people in suits too? I hope that trainers will show us the way, because during the short brakes in work we could all do some Yoga exercises“ – said the Minister.

Yoga Ambassador in Lithuania Mr Gintautas Siupsinskas started to practice Yoga intensively 13 years ago, and the major impulse for it was his Yoga Teacher. According to him, the most important is to know yourself and to know, who you are.

“I believe, people started to practise Yoga individually, but this art is to be mastered. A teacher is always required in Yoga” – asked about the drop down of the popularity of Yoga said Gintautas Siupsinskas. “People start taking Yoga classes after studies, 25-30 years old, who came across first problems in life. Youth starts to have an interest in Yoga in a wrong way, this art needs maturity”.

The Ambassador of India H. E. Ajay Bisaria came to the celebration right from the airport and, as the Honorary Consul told us, changed his clothes to appropriate for Yoga in the car. “This only shows, that Yoga is first in life, and everything else- second” – said Mr Chaudhary.

He shared, that Yoga is known for everyone in India from the minor age, himself starting to seriously practice it only a few years ago. “Personally, I like spiritual side of Yoga more than physical. Breathing and correct mindset is most important, this is why I practice meditation and shambavi bohra – art of breathing”.

Some of the countries are celebrating the International Day of Yoga for the whole week. This is possible also in Lithuania.

“It is like a festival for health – Yoga has a lot of branches and every day can be chosen for a certain part of Yoga” – Ambassador of India told us.


Originally appeared on: [Lithuanian] Delfi.lt, 15min.lt, Alfa.lt, Vlmedicina.lt, Elta.lt