"The music of spheres resembles a port lighthouse that is visible from the sea and tells a man that he is already approaching his goal" - Hazrat Inaya Chan
We invite you to take an extraordinary opportunity to see/hear the concert of one of the world's most famous Dhrupad music masters.
Pandit Ritwik Sanyal (India), together with the percussion virtuoso Federico Sanesi (Italy), is visiting Lithuania for the first time and will present us with something very special from the traditional Indian classical music, the authentic repertoire of the authentic Dhrupad genre!
Dhrupad - music similar to Gregorian chant or J.S. Bach Curation. It is a piece of transcendental temple music that is very meditative in its structure and development, as well as very dynamic and playful - full of improvisation and poetic musical language.
Dhrupad is the oldest traditional Indian classical vocal music that came from the temples and sounded in the palace. This music is a profound journey to personal inner space and peace, rising to a higher level of consciousness.
The Indian classical music system has reached the heights of professionalism and subtlety both in melodic and rhythmic terms and inspires many Western music composers, jazz and world music performers (Terry Riley, John Coltrane, etc.).
The concert will take place on the 19th. of April at 19:00 hours at Vilnius University's Theater Hall:
There will also be a creative workshop with prof. Pandit Ritwik Sanyal: