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E-Tourist Visa applications are managed by the governmental page of where all details can be found regarding the requirements and application process. 

Before you begin

Please remember, that the application will be considered by the authorities only after the payment made. The review of the visa application and validation may take up to 72 hours. If any issues occur during the application process, filling the form or making the payment, please contact the responsible authorities directly

Part 1

Passport Type - presently, passports issued by the different countries worldwide are generally divided into three types - mainly diplomatic, service/official and ordinary - with some countries issuing four or five types. The type of passport is stated on the cover of the document.

Port of arrival - e-Tourist visas can be granted only arriving at one of the 28 given airports and 5 authorized seaports in India. (You can find all information in FAQ page or on the platform)

Part 2

Be sure to note somewhere your Temporary Application ID. It is a 15 digit number and will be used later in the process.

Name - be sure to give the name exactly how it is stated in your passport. "Given name" stands for your first name and second name, "Surname" is your family name.

Sex - there are officially three genders in India.

Town/city of birth - this must be in accordance with your passport and nothing else.

Citizenship number - also known as ID number, personal number.

Religion - this is needed to identify the community one is coming from. However, this is not about the personal beliefs - if your family is Christian, you should write Christian regardless of the complexity of your beliefs. If this gives inconveniences, you can also choose "Other" and state "NA".

Visible Identification Marks - clearly visible birthmarks, scars or moles should be given, if not applicable, check "None".

Education -

  • Below Matriculation - Less than 10th grade.
  • Graduate - College or University Bachelor's degree.
  • Higher Secondary - High School graduate.
  • Illiterate - No formal education.
  • Matriculation - 10th grade, comprehensive education.
  • Professional - Professional or Technical Training
  • Post Graduate - Master's Degree
  • NA Being Minor - Children who are still in school.

Passport place of issue - should be stated exactly as it is given in the document.

Did you acquire Nationality by birth or by naturalization? - meaning, you have been born in the country you have a nationality of or you have acquired the citizenship by legal process.

Part 3

Present address - this must match with the proof of address you will be submitting. It will be also cross-checked electronically with the Diplomatic Mission you will indicate. If at the moment of the application you are away from your permanent residency, give your current address (hotel, etc.) in the present address field and fill the permanent address section as well.

Father/Mother details are required for the background check mainly.

Present Occupation - you might be asked to provide additional documentation accordingly to your profession. This is not of certainty, but if any supplementary documentation will be needed, the officials from the diplomatic mission will contact you. 

Part 4

Duration of Visa -  the duration is different: e-Conference visa is valid for 30 days from the day of arrival to India, e-Medical and e-Medical visas are valid for 60 days from the day of arrival to India, e-Tourist and e-Business visas are valid for one year from the date of grant of ETA.

Expected Date Journey - this does not need to be exact dates of your travel. If you have not booked your tickets yet, choose close dates. Have in mind, that your arrival date should be at least 4 days from the moment of filling the application. 

Countries visited in the Last 10 years - every trip to a foreign country has to be mentioned. Not mentioning a country you have a valid visa to go to might be a basis for the refusal.

SAARC Country Visit Details - South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, loosely uniting Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

References - Name in India - if you have no acquaintances in India, put the hotel where are you planning to stay.


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